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David Feil-Seifer and Maja Matarić. "Human-Robot Interaction," page 4643-4659. In Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, page 4643-4659, New York, NY, Apr 2009. ( pdf )

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Robots are poised to fill a growing number of roles in today's society, from factory automation to service applications to medical care and entertainment. While robots were initially used in repetitive tasks where all human direction is given a priori, they are becoming involved in increasingly more complex and less structured tasks and activities, including interaction with people required to complete those tasks. This complexity has prompted the entirely new endeavor of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), the study of how humans interact with robots, and how best to design and implement robot systems capable of accomplishing interactive tasks in human environments. The fundamental goal of HRI is to develop the principles and algorithms for robot systems that make them capable of direct, safe and effective interaction with humans. Many facets of HRI research relate to and draw from insights and principles from psychology, communication, anthropology, philosophy, and ethics, making HRI an inherently interdisciplinary endeavor.

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