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Mercedes Anderson, Blanca Miller, Adam Kirn, Melissa Jurkiewicz, and David Feil-Seifer. "Making in the Middle: Robots and Sequences." In ScienceScope, Feb 2019. ( pdf )

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This column explores maker spaces, engineering, and more. This article presents a lesson that allows students to engage with robotics as they work through three modules exploring sequences.

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Name: Mercedes Anderson
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Name: David Feil-Seifer
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<span class="authors">Mercedes Anderson, Blanca Miller, Adam Kirn, Melissa Jurkiewicz, and David Feil-Seifer</span>. <span class="title">"Making in the Middle: Robots and Sequences." </span> <span class="status">In</span> <span class="booktitle">ScienceScope, </span><span class="volume"></span><span class="pg"></span> <span class="month">Feb</span> <span class="year">2019</span>. <span class="ending"></span>


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